All you Need to Know about the W32 Blaster Worm

W32 Blaster Worm

The w32 blaster worm was a virus which hit Microsoft, the first time in the year 2003. The entire IT industry was hit by this deadly virus. It took a while before it could actually be identified. The whole of Microsoft windows was under threat because of the w32 blaster worm. Windows XP, Windows 2000 etc were hit hard by this virus. On August 11th 2003, the w32 blaster virus was first noticed – it didn’t take too long before it spread to thousands of systems. Most of the systems attacked by this virus were home users systems. Once this virus hit, it hit hard and caused a lot of chaos, especially among home users. There were users trying hard to reach tech support to seek assistance with the w32 blaster worm virus.

W32 Blaster Worm

What did it Attack?

w32 blaster worm

This worm attacked Microsoft and targeted mainly the updates for Windows. The worm attacked the Windows sites causing them to immediately shut down. The port numbered 80 was the port which was targeted by this worm. The w32 blaster worm had a clear message which was for Bill Gates – The Chairman of Microsoft. There were also strings attached to it. The message which was attached to the worm was quite clear.
It took quite a while before Microsoft or any other antivirus software could come up with a way to completely get rid of this worm. More and more people whose systems were attacked were queuing up on the help lines to reach a tech assistant who could help them. All the help lines to which the people kept calling were kept open only for a fixed period – about an hour and a half. The customers who were affected by this w32 blaster worm virus kept calling in with queries. Most of the leading companies were running out of sufficient man power to help these customers approach the problem in the right way.

W32 blaster worm – how did it work?

When this w32 blaster worm attacked a computer system it would attack some of the crucial windows support files which would cause the system to shut down. Since some of the critical files would be abruptly closed, it would only result in the system shutting down on its own. There was a common message displayed before all the affected computers would get shut down. It would display a message telling users that the system shut down was being initiated by NT authority. After displaying this message the system would automatically shut down within a minute.
Initially technicians didn’t really know how to help users to fix the problem. After sometime there were some sort of mechanisms which were developed, these would stop the system from shutting down. Antivirus software like Norton came up with a way to prevent the effect of this w32 blaster worm on a computer system after a lot of research and development strategies.

Even Microsoft came out with some ways to prevent the virus from shutting down a system once it attacks it, the w32 blaster worm.